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Reimagine the Right People in a Magical Place

REIMAGINE THE WAY WE CONNECT both personally and professionally, and how we support growth in organizations and individuals. We believe reimagining is imperative to the success of all organizations and the people who make them vibrant.  Dr. Alison Byers has found a way to create unique, customized, intimate events that can provide the platform from which to “Reimagine."


Dr. Byers is uniquely qualified to deliver such a setting. Starting with a strong foundation as a clinical psychologist working and teaching for decades with children and families, she evolved to apply her skills to business, developing an expertise in behavioral assessment and executive coaching in both the corporate and non-profit sectors.  Combining those skills with a passion for maritime conservation, training as a Captain and a chef, Dr. Alison Byers was looking for a way to capitalize on her personal love of professional philanthropy and ultimately her passion for “paying it forward."  Development Reimagined is that perfect combination. 


ALISON OFFERS THE OPPORTUNITY to gather a select group of people for a completely unique experience. Alison and her team will develop a tailored experience aboard Reimaginea ninety-foot classic floating venue. So, whether you are a non-profit looking to launch a new capital fund or bringing together your top donors to say “thank you” during this COVID time, the team will create a magical experience to ensure you meet your goals. Imagine putting the right people in the right place to achieve the goals of the organization.





How did I come to be in this amazing chapter of my life? A remarkable series of unexpected events allowing me to fulfill a dream combining avocation and occupation... Carpe Diem.

I have been fortunate to live my life in three overlapping worlds; as a clinical psychologist working in the mental health and trauma fields; in corporate America as an executive coach; and in philanthropy. Much like a Venn diagram, “Development Reimagined” is the intersection of 3 seemingly disparate roles. The common theme woven within all three aspects of my career is my desire to give back, working alongside others who feel similarly compelled, while learning and

growing myself. I love to understand and connect people, build bridges and discover points of mutual benefit. My aspiration is to use my enduring love of the water as a means to pull together the right people, in the right place, at the right time using a classic yacht, Reimagine. It is at once an adventure and a haven; a special venue where individuals can convene in a restorative setting, enjoying fresh air, and the healing beauty of the water, while allowing for true team building, intentionality, connections and time.

We believe the most productive meetings are the ones that unfold organically, centered around a shared, fun-filled experience. Combine that with the fact that many organizations are seeking ways to be socially conscious and provide unique experiences for executives and clients alike, and a day on the water becomes a retreat.

Development Reimagined will facilitate success for organizations by presenting a unique, intimate venue to bring together the key “donors and do-ers” who drive organizational success. As President of a large Foundation, I know the complexities inherent in philanthropy, and as a Coach, I drive performance. On Reimagine we can achieve noble objectives and empower passionate people to make the world a better place and have a great time doing it.

Looking forward to meeting you,




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